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Help picking couch leather to match interior

last month

We have recently moved back into our apartment after being away for two years (out of the country). While we were away it was tenanted and the tenants painted the walls white. Not only was the whole apartment super clinical for our taste but it was done very poorly (our fault with a cheap contractor).

We liked the colour that we had before which was sort of a yellow/cream. It was very warm and inviting. See the photo 1 -3 attached of previous colour.

Since we are fully redecorating we decided to change it up and picked a colour that we saw in Ikea of all places and figured we would then furnish around it. Photo 4 below.

We sold all of our furniture when we left the apartment two years ago. The only thing that remains is the rug.

With this in mind we would love some advice on furniture for the space specifically the sofa.

My thoughts so far are light grey or stone, something warmer like a tan leather or even a mustard like colour. I’ve attached extra photos of some ideas.

All input is valued so let us know your ideas for our little space.

Photo 1 - Current space / old colour

Photo 2 - Current space / old colour

Photo 3 - Current space / old colour

Photo 4 - Ikea colour choice for new walls

Couch colour idea

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