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Deck design help please

last month

Hello friends! we are renovating this house and trying to get a deck design. The house is a weird design amd we are struggling. I’ve tried to use the deck design software on Trex but its awful and I have had no success.

We would like to do a 3 sided deck across the front and around the left and right sides there is a cement patio in the back of the house. The deck will be roughly 7’ off the ground and come just under the front door so we will box it in underneath. All that nonsense to the left of the house including that roof is coming down even as I type this. We are thinking to maybe bring the deck around the right side of the house and cover those cement steps and box that area in as well. Thinkg the stairs would be centered off the door location in the front. Also planning to put an A framed roof over front door similar to attached photo.

Looking for thoughts, ideas, suggestions????? Also looking for color schemes for deck and front door. Is there a user friendly design app out there?

Any help is appreciated!

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