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Need Homeowner Opinion on BBB Certified?

We've been in business going on 41 years. For some years we were certified by the Better Business Bureau. A few years ago, we dropped our paid affiliation for various reasons. 1. It seemed like everyone had A+ ratings. 2. They would only state how many complaints a company had within the last 2 or 3 years. My company has only had ONE BBB complaint in 41 years which I think is worth mentioning. 3. With our local reputation, we were not hurting for business. Most of our customers come from referrals.

My questions to all of you:

1. How important is a certification from the BBB to you?

2. Did you check out the ratings of the companies you use?

3. Is the BBB becoming an outdated institution due to Google reviews, Houzz reviews...etc?

We are thinking about signing up with the BBB again. My business partner says no. But I'd love to hear what you homeowners say about this subject before I decide what to do. The BBB states the benefits of membership are: Greater visibility on their site, consumer confidence that we are vetted and a lead generator. FYI, we've never had much luck with leads from sites like this and Angies List.

Thanks for your comments.


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