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Mary Rose v Bishop's Castle

last month
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Hey folks. Long time reader, first time poster. Thank you all for sharing your rose knowledge over the years. This forum has become an essential resource for me as a new gardener.

Availability may ultimately be the determining factor of which one of these roses I choose, but can anyone discuss the differences between DA's Mary Rose and Bishop's Castle? I'm particularly interested in how they thrive in humidity and sun, habit, and how they handle black spot and powdery mildew in a no spray garden. The blooms look nearly identical to me, although perhaps Bishop's Castle's blooms are a bit larger and a darker shade of pink.

I see that BC is available via Heirloom Roses, and that Mary Rose is still listed on DA's US site with the option to sign up for an email alert, which I assume means it will eventually become available. Please correct me if I am misinterpreting this, or if you know of any other good sources for these roses. Or, should I choose something else all together?

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