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drooping Endless Summer blossoms

last month

Hello again! I have 3-4 year old Endless Summer hydrangeas that are drooping terribly every single day. They face east and sun until about 3 in the afternoon and I have clay soil. They are on drip irrigation that I have been running for 90 minutes every 2-3 days - they were just watered this morning at 4am and this is what they look like now even though it is only 83 degrees outside!
They were in the same spot last year and did not droop nearly as badly as this and it hasn’t even gotten really hot yet!! Could this be a sign of over watering? The leaves also seem to be lighter green than I remember last year.
I also have 3 mature (10+ year old) Endless Summers in the same yard and they are doing just fine although the leaves also look a but less green than I remember.
Any insight is much appreciated!!

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