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Is this marble discoloration normal?

last month

Howdy! My husband and I are a week out from closing on our new construction home and would love some advice on our master shower.

As you can see in the pictures below, we have a dark spot in the center of our shower near the drain. When we asked our builder about it, he said that that's what happens with marble and that once the rest of the shower and the niches (same material) are wet that they will darken too. I just want to make sure that that's the case vs. a leak. Additionally, it looks like they used a dark gray mortar instead of white - is that okay?

Below is an in-progress pic of the pony wall niche showing what's beneath. No idea which materials were used (only that the entire niche was coated in that red stuff) and that the tile is Dal-Tile Sublimity Daphne White Hypnotic 11" x 12" Marble Mosaic Sheet:

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