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Help deciding on color and type of blocks for small retaining wall

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We just moved in. The previous owner couldn't dedicate time towards landscaping, lawn decoration, or any form of home improvement. The only thing we did was remove the bushes and plant the shrubs.

This will be our first home improvement project. I'm wanting to replace the wooden edging around my flower bed with a retaining wall. What color blocks do you guys think would complement my house the best? In terms of design, should I stick to a simple layout? Should I have it curve out a little bit on the side to enhance the overall aesthetic?

One concern I have is that my flower bed is relatively small, and I worry that a retaining wall might appear disproportionate or out of place. If you guys believe a retaining wall may not be the best fit, I'm open to other suggestions or I can leave it as it and replace the wood.

I greatly appreciate any advice and expertise. Thank you.

(The 2 bushes are gone)

The flower bed

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