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Are any of these Lobelia ?

last month

HI !

I bought some Lobelia seeds. They very, very tiny. And I planted them in this pot about two months ago. Unfortunately, about a week after they were planted and before anything had germinated, our outdoor cat jumped into it and pushed the top dirt out. I scooped the dirt back in as best I could. Unfortunately, if there were any seeds from weeds, they might have also been put into the flower tray.

So, a few weeks later I removed several plants that were clearly weeds from this tray. I left the others.

Unfortunately, the pictures online of young Lobelia seedlings are not so good that I can be sure that what is in the tray are really lobelia.

If these are Lobelia, I would like to transplant them soon to the rest of the garden where the other flowers are.

I present here a few pictures. Are any of the plants in this flower tray actually Lobelia ?

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