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Any ideas to upgrade the front of this cookie cutter house, please.?

last month

Hi! I would love some ideas on how to upgrade the look of my cookie cutter house. (attached). I'd like to replace the front door with sidelights and glass and remove the tiny window in my foyer. Also, the two front bedroom windows are poor quality and I would like to replace those. Would the photo I have inserted of the "windows built out" look okay? The vinyl board and batten siding is also poor quality and the brick knee wall is starting to collapse and needs to be removed. If I get new siding installed down to the ground, would it make the house look less "squat"? Lastly, would stone look good around the front door and also on the bedroom window area? I don't want to make a mistake and make the house look too chopped up, but I am determined to redo the front so that it doesn't look like everyone else's in the neighborhood. Thank you so much in advance for any ideas you have!

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