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Hutch in living room? Marketplace find - yay or nay?

last month

Hello all,

Looking to redo this room a little bit this year for a mildly vintage / quasi mcm sometimes look. Think vintage but…minimal?

Anywho, our big change this august will be that the flooring will be redone to all oak, unsure of the exact shade but we will have hardwood floors. Mantle will likely be redone to match floor color. The room is empty and in waiting right now.

To the left of the fireplace in this pic — that’s where our christmas tree sits from thanksgiving to new years, making that gap hard to fill. I usually hate asymmetry, and the sides are already asymmetric — ive thought of just getting custom built - in shelves a few years down the road on either side.


there’s this stunning hutch just posted on marketplace that would fit the right side of the fireplace beautifully (where that boho bookshelf currently sits). the width of it is perfect. However, the hutch is only 60in high — I think this would be too short? It would leave a lot of empty space above it unfortunately, as it would not be quite as tall as the bookshelf in this pic. or do people decorate above hutches? I‘m unsure! Mainly just looking for feedback on to grab or skip on this marketplace find.

Thank you so much!

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