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Recent questions and comments by students.

6 days ago
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I teach in a program that has lecture classes, lab and pre-clinical classes and clinical requirements.

In the pre clinical portion they learn procedures on each other. They are paired up with different partners on a rotating basis. These are comments or questions directed to faculty in the department.

Q: "If we pass everything and meet the minimum requirements, why isn't that an "A"?

Q: "If we fail out of the program do we get a full refund?"

Q: "Can you make it so I am never paired up with _____?"

Q: "I don't want anybody practicing on me, can I just work on other people so I can learn, if I get a note from my doctor?"

(Actually we had to put it in the Course Catalog, that a specific requirement of the course and the program was that they were able to be both patient and operator in a course. One year a student was exempted from certain things because of pregnancy. The next time the course was offered 25% of the class claimed they "Might be pregnant". We also had to put in the course catalog then, that you could Not take this course if you were pregnant and you could not advance in the program without this course and you could be readmitted he following year)

Student starts tape recording a lecture. Faculty says "No recording, it's in my syllabus that you cannot record the lecture."

Student: "Why? Do you think I am going to catch you teaching something wrong?"

(Most courses have full powerpoints and course outlines. The students already do not have to take any notes if they don't want to)

Q: "Can I meet with you every week and you can go over the entire lecture with me again?"

Q: "Could you sit with me in clinic for an entire session (2.5 hrs) and give me feedback from start to finish?"

Q: "Could you treat one of my patients from start to finish like you would out in practice so I can sit and watch you?"

Q: "Can you give me your number so I can text you if I have any questions about anything?"

Q: "Are you giving me this grade because of something specific, or am I just F---g Up everything?"

Q: "Can you just grade my exam as soon as I turn it in and tell me what I got?"

Q: "Will you be giving us our final grade for the course as soon as we turn in our final exam?"

Q: "Can you give us the exact questions on the exam so we know exactly what to study?"

Q: "Can we move to a different room?"

A: "We can't just move to a different room, especially because our lecture time is off sync. We could move to a different room and then some class may be scheduled there halfway through. You have to do it through someone in facilities management."

Q: "What's their number. I'll call them, I don't give a s--t. I pay tuition."

We have a whole tracking system as to whether students are meeting their requirements, and they are officially informed of their progress, they are warned if they are behind in their progress and so forth. One of the things we do is fill out a progress sheet which is a list of every requirement and whether it is not started/in progress/completed. We have assigned students. I fill out one of these for each student assigned to me, but they are also supposed to fill it out themselves so they are physically tracking their own progress. (Some still say they had no idea they are not meeting their requirements). It isn't Advising, it isn't Mentoring, so it has the unfortunate name of Faculty Management sheet.

A student who is not meeting her requirements and has been behind since week one:

"Why do I have to fill this out. It is a "Faculty Management Sheet". Aren't managers supposed to manage?

When she was clearly not going to meet her requirements: "My faculty manager hasn't managed to help me finish my requirements, have they? They certainly dropped the ball with me."

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