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Is an Musa system necessary in an older home?

6 days ago

Hello everyone,

Im about to start my kitchen renovation and im looking at vent inserts with an inline or exterior exhaust fan by fantech. I was fortunate enough to come across a brand new older model 36 inch blustar rangetop with griddle at a great price that i couldn’t pass up. In looking at the specs it shows the total Btu output at 83000 which if i understand correctly would need an exhaust vent of 830 cfm or more. Fantech has a couple of options in that range up to 1200 cfms. As of now my main means of ventilaton in my 1940’s home is a hole in the ceiling with an aluminum filter grill that vents through the roof but has no motor. So basiclly we have at least one window open year round and smells and smoke still linger sometimes. Our home is very drafty and as of now we cannot get new windows for the house because there are 14 non standard sized total and would have to be custom made. I also know for a fact our plaster walls have zero insulation and the attic’s current insulation is subpar at best, which if the budget allows we plan on updating. My question is do I need a MUA system or can i leave the current hole in the ceiling as the air exhange or do i need a system with a motor? fantech also has one but it pricey. can i get away with what im currently doing or will i run into issues? Also fyi i do not have any other open combustion elements in my home like a fire place, water heater or boiler. So the range top would be the only thing with an open flame. Any exprerience or advice welcome and appreciated.

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