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House flooding because it was built above a capped water well

6 days ago

We have lived in our house for 7 years and never had an issue with water until the spring. We found an inch of water in our basement cold storage room and had a sump pump installed. When they cut the concrete, there was 8 inches of water under the foundation. There have been issues this year with rising ground water so we thought that a sump pump would do the trick. The pump has been running for 8 days straight and the water level hasn’t changed.

We did more searching and found that on our plot map, there is an indication of a capped water well and it’s right where we are having water issues. Everyone in my city uses city water so this would have been a leftover well from and old farmer and is not a documented well by the state.

We are being told that it would cost 100k to remedy by digging around the foundation and adding a French drain to capture the water coming from the well.

Shouldn’t the city be responsible for allowing land to be subdivided in a way that would result in a home being built on top of the well?

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