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House in Los Angeles on MLS today (Sold 6/13)

last month
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Our house in L.A. is now officially up for sale and is on MLS. Here are the photos that our agent used on the flyer that she will be providing:

View of the front of the house, which will be the large photo on the flyers.

Kitchen view, which was offered as the optional large view.

Dining room/studio (or alternate living room) - photo seems a bit light to me.

Backyard view, with fountains and pergola in the background.

More photos shown on MLS, but not on the flyer:

Master bedroom

Bedroom 2 (which was Kevin's)

Bedroom 3 - Kevin does not like the crooked blinds at right.

Living room, ceiling lights removed, and I did not approve their removal.

There is also a photo of the master bathroom, and I will show that later.

Someone has already tried to make an offer to our agent, before she put the house on MLS, and I'm not sure why. I have to think that they are trying to get it for a lower price, but that is not going to happen. We are not motivated sellers and are prepared to wait for the price that we want.

Agents will be viewing the house tomorrow, and then our agent will give us feedback from what they have to say.

We removed a lot of plants from the backyard to give to friends, as they were high maintenance and I did not want to leave them. There were a few that we could bring to the desert, but not all that many.

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