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Foreboding Forecast

6 days ago
last modified: 6 days ago

The season here is off to a so-so start, with cold nights playing some havoc, though those seventies are so pleasant. Much more concerning is a forecast with multiple ninety-degree days and no rain.

Mighty in Battle was moved to the estate, where it was admired on a garden tour. No earwigs at the estate, so it has a lot of earlier bloomers.

Spunky Girls. Sturdy scapes with well-spaced flowers.

Scarlet Pimpernel. Short and don't know when it will be registered height.

Star of India. Doesn't like cold nights, but fully open later in morning. Such wonderful branching and bud count. An under-appreciated cultivar.

Heroes on Horseback. Aptly named. A Davisson.

Ashwood Wray of Sunshine. Yellow with a greenish cast. Makes a bright spot and has instant rebloom scapes forming. At my residence, it was plagued by earwigs, as it begins opening in the night.

Thomas Tew. Low bud count this year.

Katherine Caldwell. Not a fast multiplier, but reliable.

King Crab --admired on the tour.

Sputnik. Nearly all flowers pleated so far this year. (Not typical of last year.)

Asheville Sunlit Rainbow

John Karl Seager

Early Shirley. Seems like fewer buds this year.

Small World Fire in the Hole. Would like to see taller and a bit bigger. Was devoured by earwigs in my personal garden.

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