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Need advice. Replacing 2 old toilets, both close to 14" rough-in

last month

I need to replace the 2 old toilets. I measured the rough in as seen below. I have zero experience with this, so can use some advice.

See the rough-in measurement below. The in the kids' bathroom is almost 14" (photo #1). The one in the main adult bathroom is a tad over 13",

I wanted Toto, but Toto are all for the standard 12 inch rough-in. I don't like the idea of a Unifit attachment, so looking for an alterntive.

This one seems to fit for the kids bathroom - is it good enough? Will it last at least a few years?

Should I just buy a regular Toto 12" rough-in model for the one that has the 13" rough-in?

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