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Please help my Velveeta box of a house - Updated - Forget budgets! :)

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My spouse says your ideas are so good and I should to ask for ideas that AREN'T super budget friendly... lol Time to dream I guess! Still won't change roof or windows, fake stone is slowly falling off the house, so it needs to be replaced. I still dislike the pass-through door. And the house was just painted, so we plan to stay this color. We'd be open to changing out all the siding on the front and keeping the metal siding on the sides and back if that's what needs to happen.

With this info how would you remodel the exterior with around $15K - we live in a medium cost of living area.

We like a cottage or country style. We'd LOVE porch..


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I'm looking for suggestions on how to improve the exterior of our house. The roof and windows are fairly new and won't be changed. The fake stone HAS GOT TO GO. The pass-through garage door right next to the front door is an ongoing discussion with my spouse... I want it gone, he's resistant because he uses it daily.

The existing siding is metal and in great shape.

The house has issues that stunt it's potential resale value, so we'd like to keep things simple / somewhat budget friendly; avoiding over-improvement in case we move someday. However, at this point we plan to be here forever, so we're open to entertain a simple porch addition or perhaps residing the front with hardiplank or something to get it uniform, then painting it to match the existing siding. (aka - get it fake stone-free) I have no imagination for exteriors, as you can tell, and don't know what is simple vs. complicated.

Someone with more knowledge... can you tell me if a porch addition would be "simple" for a house like this? With a cement or decking for the porch part and a roof with columns?

Landscaping is a secondary project. One thing at a time... but would you put in a block retaining wall where the hill shows the foundation right now? Or leave it as is? We own the lot next door. It is empty and likely always will be.


The house in question:

A similar house nearby with the "simple" porch I'm referencing. (And shade trees I'm jealous of. lol) It seems like an easy fix. What do I need to know about adding porch?

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