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What are you doing this week? 61024

I have about a zero chance of rain. The weather man is trying to tell me I will get some, but the percent chances go down every day. Liars. I know how to read radar.

It is so hot I have a neighbor who got into his car to drive across the street to ask my son a question. Then made a 6-point turn and drove home. Across the street.

This is back in 1989 Christmas. I live a few blocks from here. It was too cold for me, and I had no idea how to drive in it. This is in Jacksonville Florida.

I did not know this show was this old.

The hostas are doing ok and are flowering at will. They have early morning sun and are back into real shade by 3p. I am still moving daylilies but took a little heat break. Life is good. I will be back.

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