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If user deletes their account, are all their threads deleted?

7 days ago
last modified: 3 hours ago

I'm guessing the answer is yes, which is too bad.

Specifically, I'm looking for Live_Wire_Oak's "Getting There from Here or How Did It Go So Wrong" thread. I've searched both the forum and using Google. The only URL I have for it is a GardenWeb URL, but you can usually find the Houzz URL if you do a Google search with the subject.

None of my searches have come up with the thread.

When I searched for his/her user name on the Forum, it doesn't exist.

When I found a thread where s/he posted, the username just says "User". When I select the user name, I get the following URL as a response along with a blank page: So it appears the user name is no longer on Houzz.

So, three questions:

(1) Is Live_Wire_Oak still around?

(2) If s/he is, what is his/her new username?

(3) If not, are all his/her threads gone now? That will be very sad, if that's the case. (Ditto for any other users who are now gone and had great advice that would still be helpful/useful.)

EDITED TO ADD 6/17/24: It appears threads are not deleted when a user's account is deleted, they just now have "User" as a username, which makes it difficult to find a specific thread from a now-deleted user. See Rebunky's post.

Thank you Chicagoans & Rebunky for your help in finding threads!

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