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backyard blues- privacy and negative sloping

7 days ago

Looking for ideas to create a backyard oasis with suggested measurements ( if it’s more expensive and we completed in phases)

Posted before asking about installing a cedar hedge and I now realize that might not be the best option from all the comments. So I am posting again But want to see if someone can reimagine the whole thing. For simplicity and cost effectiveness- I wonder if we should just deck the whole thing ?

I’m not inspired to go outside- deck is cramped, and all I see is my neighbors house ( grading issue- even with a 7 ft fence you can see them waist up when they are outside).

Previous owners deck accommodates a drainage swale that runs along the length of all the backyards on our side of the road - But the existing layout leaves half the yard totally unusable.
If we were the original owners we would have interlocked the whole thing with a retaining wall for the Drainage swale. Similar to our neighbors ( photo with the planters and water feature)

Low maintenance but has Oasis vibe
Hot tub- 8x8 ( we are tall- year round use)
Gazebo- seating with fire pit - i hate bugs and the netting is so great for fire pit nights.

No privacy- we need 9-10ft from ground to establish privacy
Drainage swale along entire fence line limits half the width.
No colour.

Suggestions welcome!! 🙏 😊

decking/ interlock combination
interlock with a retaining wall and water feature
deck the whole thing

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