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Must have roses from Rose Barni?

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I am planning to get Kordes Quicksilver from Rose Barni in the autumn, as it’s the only EU supplier of that rose. To justify postage, I have a minimum of three rule, so I’m wondering if there are any really great roses either bred by Barni or otherwise exclusive to them anyone call tell me about?

I don’t have space for massive shrubs, nor much space to put climbers because all my boundaries are trees and hedges or hot stone walls, so recommendations for compact shrubs would be especially welcome. Roses also have to be tolerant of very hot sun and heavy rain in my location.

However, I’m keen to hear of ANY Barni rose that does well for you, regardless of size, because they are not a breeder I’m at all familiar with and you never know..

I’m not sure if I can post a link to their site, but type rosebarni. it if you would like to see their current catalogue.

Thanks in advance!

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