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block off doorway to improve kitchen layout? old house-4 doorways

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Hi! I am living in and remodeling a 1906 victorian house. The house has an traditional front to back layout with the front parlor, dining room and a small kitchen in the rear. The main dilema is how to layout the kitchen space. There are four doorways, short walls, and a wall of windows. One of the doors is at a 45 degree angle. Kitchen previously had an early 1990's kitchen that has been ripped out. New oak floors have been put in and we are working with a cabinet maker to put in inset cabinets for a historic look.

After playing with possible layouts we are disapointed with the amount of storage, counter space and awkward layout we would have and are considering blocking off the angled door that leads to the hallway and backstairs. Hallway leads to downstairs bath and bedroom/office. This hall/back stairs area would still be accessible through the dining room however we would lose our easy access to the kitchen from the back stairway and would have to walk through the dining room (we also have front stairs in the foyer). Also slightly concerned it makes the hallway an awkward shape without the door but IDK how big of a concern that actually is (we are okay with embracing some old house quirks). One of the other doors leads to our basement/backyard and the other door leads to our small panty/rear porch so closing off either of those is off of the table. Moving walls and windows are also off the table as they would invlove getting rid of historic details we do not want to lose.

So would you close off the angled doorway? Any other creative ideas? Any input is appreciated! I have included a pic of the best layout we could come up with the door as it is as well as our proposed layout with the door blocked off. Thanks!

Edit: Updated layout with some more details. The chase to the left of the fireplace is our plumbing stack.

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