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Brand New Babies in the Seedling Patch

last month

I'm pleased with some of the brand new seedlings from the past two days.

Blue-Eyed Bandit X Twirling Tower - This was what I hoped would come out of this cross - a good UF with a bluish eye. It has 11 buds in its first year to bloom.

Promises Kept X Seedling "Nadine" has a large 7-inch bloom.

(Natalie Antoinette X Symphony of Praise) X Bubblegum Queen is also in the 7-inch range.

Tides Roll In X All Things to All Men #3

Born to Reign X (Mayans' Dawn X The Ultimate Sacrifice) has a nice tall scape with four-way branching and 13 buds. The bloom is about 6 inches.

Gypsy Cats kid X Absolute Ripper #2 has a very tall scape that may be taller than my yardstick.

Blood of the Martyrs X The Ultimate Sacrifice #2

These next seedlings have bloomed before, but were not pictured last year.

Judy's Jewel X Bubblegum Queen #3 had thrips really bad last year and never took a good picture. This year she's having clean blooms. This is the roundest and the smallest of the three sibs. The other two are 7+ inches, and this one is 6 inches.

(Insider Trading X The Ultimate Sacrifice) X (The Ultim. Sac. X Red Edition) - Baby rabbits ate the buds last year.


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