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Own-root floribundas- @roseseek (and anyone else, too!)

8 days ago

Well, I bit the bullet and ditched my wimpy own-root Ebb Tide; the bottom line is that I can't afford to keep plants that will never become robust lovers of life. In fact, when I dug it up, it had basically the same root system it had 3-4 years ago, when I planted it out, and showed no sign of fresh ,new white-coloured roots. This is in spite of regular water, weekly liquid fert. and the good rain with which we were blessed this year. For now at least, the own-root Twilight Zone stays, since it went out last fall and does look more robust than ET/Purple Eden,but I want to get a grafted one from Barni in fall, just to see, since the grafted ET/PE was such an eye-opener.

I also have a potted Burgundy Iceberg. This is another rose that I bought years ago from an economic Dutch nursery which failed to thrive as a bare-root so I potted it up and by this time it's gone own-root. It was looking pretty bad, but now seems to be bouncing back a bit. But this rose, too, is carried by Barni,and I'd like to get a new one of this, too, from them. But is there any hope for the own-root one? @roseseek-Kim, you were such a help to me with your comment on ET/PE. I just can't afford any wimpy primadonnas or drama queens; I want to spend my love and energy on roses that will love me in return! What do you think of Burgundy Ice (and TZ, for that matter)?

It's just that all of these are easy to replace as grafteds from Barni. I'm willing to be more patient with ones I have that aren't carried by Barni-for example, Terra Limburgia and Blue Eden (this latter actually does seem pretty vigorous; perhaps I lucked out). Comments from all are most welcome!

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