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Patio Furniture Layout

last month


We just purchased some new furniture to our patio and wanted some opinions on the current layout and perhaps some alternative layouts. I'm especially trying to best utilize a new 9'x11.5' cantilever umbrella, which is currently placed in the middle of the patio and able to rotate 360 degrees to be able to shade both our living area (couch, chaise lounge, etc.) and dining area. From a functionality perspective, we like the current placement since it is able to shade both areas. But in a perfect world wouldn't chose to have our living area furniture so close together from an aesthetic perspective. And we aren't real thrilled to have the umbrella right in the middle of the of the patio. For reference, the photos include ones both with the umbrella over the living area and the dining area. Any opinions on the current layout or perhaps any alternative layouts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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