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Some New Ones and Some Clumps

last month
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I have a couple of new ones with their first blooms ever today.

Samantha Belle is an Ed Davidson pink that I bought last year. I love Ed's pinks, and now I have three.

Conspiracy Theory is a Judy Davisson plant that I got two falls ago. My mowers mowed it down twice last year, so it never bloomed. I finally took in out of the ground and potted it, so they wouldn't whack it down again.

Royal Seal - This one took my breath away today when I saw the two blooms of it. It looked just like Dan Hansen's photo that caused me to buy it. The purple color is much darker in real life than it is in this photo. In past years, the blooms have suffered from thrips, but the two blooms today were totally clean. The plant has not fared well here in grub country, going from three fans to two several times. It's only two small fans now with short scapes, but ohhhh those flowers!

Canary Flush seems to have much larger blooms than last year.

Blood of the Martyrs ffo - This one is darker in real life with more purple tones.

Twentieth Century Fox - These first blooms are 7.5 inches and remind me of a dinnerplate. The best scape has at least 26 buds this time!

Princess Charming clump

So Irresistible

Roman Cohort

$exy Samantha with Bubblegum Delicious in the background.


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