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I have a question about what colors would update my home?

last month

I have a question about what paint colors would update my home and work well with the bricks. I want to add shutters and paint them in SW Seaworthy or something similar. On the wall space I would like to go with SW Oyster Bay or SW Jasperstone for contrast. I tried some lighter tones but they did not look good with the brick and I think I prefer these more subdued tones for richness as well as a subtle contrast. My porch pretty much has indirect sunlight almost the entire day until the sun starts going down. Aslo, I am considering black trim and the front door in a blue black. My roof looks brown at times and then sometimes looks grey. I will also be adding shades on the inside of the doors and garden /landscape is being worked on. Your suggestions are greatly appreiciated.

Also, I like the wall color on photo 1 and 8. I like the trim on photo 8 in the following link.

I like the door color(maybe slightly darker or richer tone) with the brick in the following link.

Overall the feeling I would like to achieve is for my home to look more current yet with a richness using some blues and blue green grey contrast with black trim and blue black door.

If I am totally off track then let me know your thoughts without having to paint the brick. That is a last resort to me.

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