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Italy Trip Report

9 days ago

I didn’t post much about my trip prior to it, but DD and I returned a week ago from a fabulous 2 weeks in Italy so thought I’d do a recap for anyone interested. We flew to Rome (via Atl), then flew same day directly to Catania, Sicily where we spent 4 days. This was the main reason we started planning our trip. DD’s best friend’s daughter had her wedding at a villa in Taormina. There was also a pre-wedding cocktail party and a day-after trip to a winery for lunch. This also drove a good portion of our wardrobe as you can imagine, with attire and shoes for the wedding. Guests were asked to wear pink, her accessory colors, so everything looked so pretty. I’ll post a couple of pics, but it was all fabulous. Loved our accommodations in nearby Giardini Naxos on the Ionian Sea and our time to tour ruins and the city of Taormina. Fell in love with the people, the food, and a pomegranate spritz.

After the wine tour, we flew that evening to Florence where we spent the next 5 days. Florence was another city where we could have easily spent more time (and money apparently). While we did the usual city tours, most with a private guide except where we didn’t really need one, including climbing the 414 steps of the Duomo, we also did a private tour to Pisa via train. Our guide also took us on a drive to Vinchi, Leonardo’s birthplace, and some beautiful roads in the Tuscany region. My DB and SIL had been in Florence last year and recommended a couple of restaurants. We truly ate well and enjoyed every meal in Firenze. Florence is very walkable so we did, except late at night when we were too pooped or too far to walk back to our hotel.

We spent our last days in Rome, doing what most tourists do, most with a private guide. I am still in awe of the Sistine Chapel and Colosseum.

As for clothing. DD and I discussed what we were taking for weeks. We have similar taste in clothing and are about the same size in tops and that’s where it ends. She is much shorter and we don’t share clothing and never really have. We both took linen or very lightweight pants, sleeveless or short-sleeved T’s (linen, cotton, or breathable fabric). Since retiring, my wardrobe tends to be very casual and features a lot of Athleta, including their linen crop pants which were a workhorse for me (2 pair). I wore white AllBirds, Ecco beige sandals and black sandals, wore a pair of black AllBirds I had waterproofed on the plane and wore them a couple other times. I also took an ancient pair of flat Cole Haan strappy sandals for the wedding and cocktail party. I also had a lightweight Tommy Bahama jean jacket and a pink wrap. Only used the jacket a few times as it was very hot during the day every day. DD had similar clothing and wore Addidas, a pair of hot pink suede Rothy’s which she said were surprisingly comfy, and bought a pair of black Geox low wedge sandals in Florence which she loves and wore right out of the box. We were very fortunate that we had almost no rain at all, so the rain jackets we took stayed rolled up in our bag.

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