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PSA --Houston Garden Centers, roses w/ RRD

last month
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Roses at Houston Garden Centers are on sale and come to less than $10 per plant, but the store off I-10 at the west Sam Houston toll road had *numerous* plants with visible RRD damage when I stopped there as I drove through Houston. (I spoke with a representative at the store. He shrugged and said the manager had staff spraying them a lot. Wasted my time trying to educate the kid who could not have cared less...)

I don't know if the outbreak is limited to this one store, but appears to confirms my suspicion: I had purchased a plant from the same store a couple years back which within a few months started exhibiting symptoms. (I didn't wait to confirm cause of suspect growth, but addressed it immediately. I know RRD is in my county, but the closest cases I have seen are a mile away in a commercial landscape full of KO roses. No doubt *their* "landscapers" trim all shrubs with the same unsterilized equipment...)

I stopped at the next Houston Garden Centers store going west and saw no signs of RRD, so I don't know if the outbreak was isolated to the one Center, or grower-related, and management at the next store just had the sense to cull terminally ill plants. I just know I won't mess with them anymore.

This has my wondering if anyone knows what the incubation period for the virus is?

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