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Dendrobium kingianum advice, please

last month
last modified: last month

I acquired this plant, with 5 pseudobulbs last November. All the pseudobulbs, along with a keiki, appeared to have bloomed previously.

Over the winter the only activity it showed, was the roots on the keiki got longer.

In April, 2 new pseudobulbs appeared and are growing on nicely. The keiki roots appear to have paused their growth, since the new pseudobulbs appeared.


1: I presume D. kingianum is one of the Dens that only flowers each psuedobulb once. Correct?

2: The keiki is approx 70mm long, 3mm at the junction, and has just 2 leaves, with what appears to be the remains of an old flower spike. where the growing point would be. Is it normal to flower at such a small size?

3: Once they have flowered do the psuedobulbs ever grow any more?

4: Can I expect the new canes to flower next spring?

5: How many new psuedobulbs does D. k generally produce each year?



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