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Help with recessed lights for kitchen and dining room

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I need some help planning the recessed lights for my kitchen and dining room. The ceiling is 14' high and flat over most of the area (it slopes down towards the living room below the dashed line marked "Ceiling transition" in the drawing below). I already purchased the pendants, chandelier, and sconces. But I am not sure how many recessed lights I need or where to place them. My thinking is to use two smaller 4" recessed lights on either side of the sink, to avoid shadows from my head when working at the sink, and do the same in the prep area (to the right of the sink) and also around the range. There are no upper cabinets along the sink wall, so I think those recessed lights could be 18" from the wall (again to minimize shadows from my head). For the range wall, I would like to put the lights 25" from the wall, but they need to be a bit further to avoid the decorative beam (8" wide, 10" high, marked in green). Then the other recessed lights are 6" to provide general lighting, except in order to avoid the pendants over the island I put in two 4" lights there. And one extra 4" light over the small countertop on the left wall. I'll use dimmers on all the lights. What do you think-- is this too many lights or not enough? And are they in the right place? Do I need to get a certain type of flood light with a narrow dispersion angle? Thanks in advance!

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