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Advice on a Monstera Albo

last month
last modified: last month

I bought a well rooted monstera albo cutting a few weeks ago and I wanted to make sure I was taking care of it properly. I put directly under a growlight about 12 inches from the light and I put it on a timer for 12 hours (I could also set it for 16 hours). I also placed it next to a humidifier and I occasionally spray it with water. It came in a chunky soil, but I noticed root rot, so I cut the rotten parts off and sprayed the roots with water and hydrogen peroxide (I rinsed the roots off afterwards so the roots didn't get damaged). I replaced the chunky soil with perlite in order to help with drainage. I am still trying to figure out a watering schedule so I would love some advice on that. Right now I am just waiting until the soil is mostly dried out to water, but I am not sure if using perlite changes its watering schedule. I also ordered some purived plant food that I plan on using. I would love it hear what I am doing right and what you would change!

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