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Wrong exterior choice? Advice please :(

12 days ago
last modified: 10 days ago

Hi all! I am struggling with a few choices for our homes exterior.

a few years ago we changed out our front window making it larger. We were rushed into a decision and went with a color from the brick that was deeper and LESS yellow and im not super happy with my choice but have to live with it / make it work. After a traumatic interior reno i just needed time before coming back to the exterior.

A few notes:

-We face east and are fairly shaded most of the day

- I only really have the budget for paint (front door, garage, parts of window and fascia / gutters (not grids - cant get at them) and then some sort of siding / trim solution that is more permanent than what we did to fill that space beneath the window.

- im not wild about super modern or contemporary design for this house. Would love to lean into nature and go kind of cozy cottage / European countryside

Looking for suggestions on:

1. what color to paint our front door (i have a few samples on the front door now)? Garage door? Windows (minus grilles), fascia and gutters?

2. ideas for how to use trim or siding etc. to make that mid part of the house around the window feel more resolved / have a bit of contrast?

3. General suggestions on how to improve the look of the house! Statement light for beside front door etc.

4. suggestions for the future when have more budget or go to replace the grey roof, garage door, front door

Thank you so much in advance for any help. i know its not an exciting house but we love living in it and id really love us to enjoy the exterior and feel proud of it.

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