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C deodora prostrate beauty questions

last month


I am in zone 7b, i ordered a prostrate beauty from an online nursery in georgia back in april. it suffered some minor to moderate-ish transport damage during the shipping process (some brances were snapped off). but it still looked healthy and seemed to be pushing out some new growth at that time. I put it in the ground around the second week of april. Its been struggling since, over the last six weeks lots of needle dropping. As you can see in the pics, alot of bare branches now.

Is this all transplant shock and trauma from the shipping process? We didnt have any nights below freezing after i planted it, but we did have one night where it dropped down to like 35-36 F. I kind of regret putting it in the ground so fast, felt like that temp drop didnt help its cause.

Also- You can also see in one of the pics that one of the major branches is splinted with a bamboo stick. This branch was snapped (not fully obviously, but about 1/2 the diameter of the branch) in the shipping box. So i tried splinting it to take some of the tension off of it. Was this the right move? That branch has not lost any needles since.

Im still an amateur with conifers and learning everyday. Would appreciate any insight/tips.


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