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Root pruning of a severely root-bound schefflera

last month
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Hi @tapla (mid-Michigan, USDA z5b-6a)! I pruned the roots of this severely root-bound schefflera. You can see some of the steps. Did I do a good job? Believe me it wasn't easy, seeing how the roots were tied (same problem here: I realized that when the roots are so tied together it is almost impossible to untie them (at least for an inexperienced person like me).

Immediately afterwards I pruned the branches: you can see before and after the pruning and the cut branches.

Is it okay how I cut the branches? I would like to put the cut branches in soil: since I didn't have time for now I put them in water: I know that you advise against rooting the cuttings in water, but keeping the cuttings in water for 24-48 hours can be a problem for the schefflera and the ficus benjamin?

In the photo below you can see one of the pruned branches. Since this branch was only full at the end, the final effect is not pleasing to the eye. Will it improve over time?

Do the cut branches stop growing and send out lateral branches or do they simply fill with leaves?

Finally, one last question: as you can see in these two photos below, a group of leaves has accidentally fallen off: will they grow back?

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