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How to decorate a front porch

13 days ago
last modified: 13 days ago

Hello! We are currently working on redoing our front porch replacing deck boards etc.

The main reason for my post is the porch decorating/decor. The hanging baskets are coming down and I will probably put planters to flank the door, but how do I balance the right with the window on the left? Are art or word signs too tacky on a porch? Should I leave it bare? Another thing to consider is an outdoor outlet in the middle of the wall to work around.

This is probably my favorite place of the house and love welcoming/cozy look.

Any feed back of railings, no railings, different color railings and/or stairs (all the way across, etc) are also welcomed.

Thank you!

This is with the railings up as we were about to take apart to redo the deck

Close up without the railings; deck in progress.

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