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Kitchen task lighting advise.

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Hello all and thank you, I would appreciate your input on a lighting conundrum I am having for my task lighting above the stove and sink counter in my unfinished kitchen. Attached is a photo and a not to scale sketch.

The space is 5m (16)' x 4m (13')

The fridge wall will have floor-to-ceiling cabinets.

I have a switch for 3 pendant lights above the to-be-built 2.3m (7.5') x .8m (32") movable eating bar on wheels.

A switch for a light above to-be-built the movable island on wheels.

A switch for the 4 pot spotlights.

The stove counter will be 3.6m (11.8') x .8m (32") *no upper cabinets

The sink counter will be 2.5m (8') x .8m (32") *no upper canbets.

There is one stitch for lights above the stove counter and sink counter

I am considering tracking lighting with 4 heads above the stove counter, and 4 heads above the sink counter.

Good idea?

What are your thoughts?

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