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My beach house living room, again — progress

last month

Remember this?

Well, I have made some progress.

The cute floral chairs are gone. They went to a good home and I believe they’ll be happy there. They stayed in the neighborhood, too, so I could visit if I wanted to.

There is a new end table next to the sofa, which only happened bc I moved one of my dad’s tables to my LR at home … but I think it looks perfect with the coffee table. The lamp is also from dad’s apt and I was thinking of painting it (as well as the floor lamp, which was recently relocated from home) but I think the black is fine. I do want to get new lamp shades, though. What do you think? Looking at pics now, I am not sure if I like the lamps together. Maybe a table lamp with a more plain base? Or maybe they’ll look better with matching shades?

Disclaimer, I am sick as a dog and have no energy to make these pics pretty, so ignore the mess.

The big purchase will be here in a month or so. We ordered a ”chair and a half” and matching ottoman. Here is my scientific way of visualizing the size.

In this indigo color.

Here is current view from my perch on the sofa. Bugs (pictured) and his sister have requested that I place a big dog bed in front of the fireplace. (The round green table is still here, with a leaf down and pushed against the wall opposite the front door.) PS we don’t use the FP; it’s gas and I’m not even sure if it works any more. But if we get it working again, the dogs would be so happy.

Molly Mutt has dog bed covers that are sized for crib mattresses, which I think is brilliant! That size would be almost as wide as the FP but only 26” deep so plenty of space to walk around it, but that might be too big. I mostly like the idea bc the bed would be too heavy for the dogs to drag around the house.

This cover is fun, but the tropical style doesn’t really make sense. I am obsessively searching for the right thing.

Oh, and I have pillows on order:

FINALLY…I didn’t think I wanted a rug, but now I am thinking a large (9x12) from the sofa to the chair area would help to anchor the seating area BUT I want it to be very subtle, almost matching the floor color, so probably a sisal or seagrass …or even an outdoor rug that mimics sisal (see: dogs).

This one seems like a possibility.

Ballard has this one (not outdoor) with navy blue flecks.

Okay, toss your comments and suggestions in the ring but the chair is already ordered so don’t tell me not to get it. 😊

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