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Root pruning of a severely root-bound ficus benjamin

last month
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@tapla (mid-Michigan, USDA z5b-6a), as you know last year for the first time I potatoes the roots of two ficus benjamin. This year I'm working on several plants (I'll open discussions). Today a very difficult challenge test. A ficus born from cuttings in 2009 and repotted in a larger pot in 2017 without pruning roots: therefore roots never pruned and in the same pot for almost 7 years and 8 years in the previous one. I think it was a job for a very expert like you... I hope I did a decent job, I was really in difficulty: a lot of effort and a lot of fear. Today I understood the importance of doing this operation every 2-3 years at most! Now do I have to prune a lot to prevent the plant from collapsing?

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