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FOTESS (JUNE): Members Share Ideas (with or without photos)

16 days ago
last modified: 16 days ago

There is no FOTESS swap during June but the members are welcome to share garden information and photos. If you are not a member, we are a group that shares gardening information and swaps. If you would like information about how to participate in future months, get in touch with me through the Houzz Messages or post here and I will respond. FOTESS stands for Friends of the Earth Simple Swaps.

Due to the cost of postage many of our swaps now involve cards or perhaps a card with some seeds or a different small item as a tuck in (something like including a recipe). We still occasionally include a larger swap. Round Robins are occasionally done, but limited due to postage costs. Members volunteer to be the hostess for various months so the member organizes the theme and posts the information. We track that items are sent as required and require that you post on our list when you send and when you receive. With most months, we also include a game or perhaps several games. It's lots of fun! For anyone interested in joining, I oversee the schedule for the months so please do not post one without discussing membership and your ideas with me.

Happy gardening!

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