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Need advice about 2000’s looking laundry chute cabinet

last month


We’re renoing an early 2000’s southwest home. On the second floor, there is a laundry chute cabinet we want to update. But once I looked at the cabinet, I started thinking about possibilities for updating the entire area.

There is a matching wood trim piece and built in desk on the other side of the chute area (call this a small loft?). Ideally, we’d update everything to match.

Looking to get ideas or thoughts on what we can do with the whole area and/or cabinet style/color/finish etc.

We are shooting for an updated, clean look throughout the house. For example, we’re updating the kitchen and getting slab cabinets as they look really clean.

Some notes: the wall the chute is on has some things that could be difficult/costly to move - an outlet, a thermostat and two wall sconces. Also, there is a railing and an overlook to the first floor nearby which probably prevents increasing the side of the cabinet.

Thanks for your input. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Cheers

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