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is it probably me ... ?

hi people!!

So, is anybody else having trouble getting in touch with people who fix things or who trim trees?

It has been difficult to set up appointments. It seems odd because after all, I'm trying to spend money. I try to be as polite as possible - and I'm getting a little frustrated.

I've tried emailing, I've left messages. Is my job too small? Are they just too busy? Did I offend someone somehow? (Totally possible - I try to be civil, but my emails are probably too long and have too many questions. Perhaps I present as some kind of nightmare.) Did I miss the window for tree trimming? (This does seem likely - but why can't someone just tell me? Our weather has been wacky, it's not like I'm going to get mad at them.) Yet I can't get a call from the wood repair people either. I'm about to start over with somebody else.

What's the secret?

Should I just call (politely) every day until I get what I need? Or is that the wrong thing to do, too?

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