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water pressure anomaly after plumbing repair

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Hello. I live an old 50's block ranch style home. A few weeks ago the shower valves (in my second bathroom) had reached the "dripping beyond hope" stage so I decided to replace them. I had replaced the shower valves in the master bath several years earlier and wasn't worried about it. I opened multiple faucets in the house and went to the front yard to turn off the mains. Lifting the lid on the box I discovered a strange new valve with two levers. I thought (at first) that the utility company had installed some sort of it modernized "shut off valve". I tried one lever, then the other...and then both. The water flow did not stop. After a bit of research I discovered that "back flow" valve systems had been installed at all the houses in my neighborhood (and that's what this valve was for). But...where was the main shut off valve? I dug around in the yard (between the back flow valve and the street) and discovered a second utility box. In this box were two main (and familiar looking) shut off valves. One was for the main line to the house and the other to a dedicated irrigation spigot on the east side of the home. I went back inside and opened multiple faucets (can't remember the order) and then turned BOTH valves off. All water flow stopped. I made my shower valve repair and then turned the valves back open (faucets were still open inside). I let the water run for about 10 minutes and all seemed good.

Ever since then I've had a water pressure problem. When a single tap is open everything seems pretty normal. If a tap (kitchen for example) is opened while the washing machine is filling or a shower is running the water flow is reduced to a trickle. It was never like this before. Also...I did not have this problem after replacing the other shower valves several years earlier. I researched a bit and learned that some air might have gotten into the lines. What I read instructed me to open all taps (starting closest to the main inlet source) and then turn the water off at the main valve. Then I flushed the toilets dry, turned the main valve back on and let the water run for several minutes. Then I closed the taps in reverse order. It did not work. I am wondering if somehow I got the order wrong. The layout of the water lines in my house confuses me a bit. I've included a drawing below. I just assumed the split (between the hot/cold lines) occurred near the water heater. I opened the valves starting at the kitchen, then 1rst bath/shower and then 2nd bath/shower. As you can see there is an outside water softener (at the farthest point away from the water heater) which might be complicating things. The water softener hookup has always been in this location. Also...I did not open any of the outdoor spigots (coming out of the exterior walls of the house) when I did the initial work or the followup test. Any advice appreciated.

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