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anyone use shutters for patio sliders?

17 days ago

Building new house and wall to lanai has two sliders—one 12’ wide in den portion and one 8’ in dining portion with a 35” window on adjoining corner of dining.
Would do all of them in same design/material — no other windows in main living area. The lanai has 10-12 ft covered ceiling but sun will be strong in late afternoon/evenings.

My husband thinks vertical blinds (which I really despise) because they can be tilted to filter amount of light and would be easier to move to allow going in/out of sliders.
I am thinking plantation shutters would be much more $$$ but would allow same type of functions.
Drapes are conventional choice but don’t offer as much functionality…

We have plantation shutters in fixed windows in front living area and in our bedroom—love them—not truly blackout capable but tilting slats are versatile. Since glass is fixed rarely need to open shutters themselves. But don’t know how well shutters for sliders would hold up since at least one section would be moved multiple times in day to go in/out.
Would be PVC material—house in gulf coast FL area—wood is no-go.
Anyone actually HAVE shutters over patio doors?

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