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Help! Bathroom tile with veining looks horrible!

17 days ago

We are building a house in Florida and I fell in love with a shower tile IWT Majestic Gris, with streaks of gray and blue veining that carries from tile to tile. The sales person at the tile shop suggested a 3 x 3“ Majestic Matte mosaic for the shower floor, which would match the gray and blue veining. I thought it would be beautiful how veining would flow across our shower walls and floor. It just got installed and this is what is looks like. I’m astonished that the shower floor tile is haphazardly installed, with no flow at all to the tiles. Even part of the larger shower wall tiles look out of place. Any advice? I contacted our contractor and tile person to let them know we are NOT happy. Thinking of having them rip up the shower floor tile and replace it with plain white to match the white in the wall tile. But, some of the wall tile looks to me misplaced as well. Anyone have any experience with this type of tile?

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