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What are some of the best internal blower range hoods under $1.5k?

22 days ago
last modified: 22 days ago

I've been doing a lot of reading (the hood faq as well as my own reading of research articles). I have a 30x27 gas range. I understand that in an ideal world, with as much money and time as I can throw at the problem, I would buy a hood that's... 6 inch greater in with and depth, has a deep vent/capture area, use an inline blower to reduce noise, have a a rear discharge MUA system. However, I live in the finite and present reality and the present reality is that I have a 6" vent system with a kitchen that has some large windows I can open for passive MUA. And apparently residential hoods that just refuse to go above 22" in depth (this is with lights and bezel included ofc). So I have done my research and determined that these are the most "affordable" under $1.5k internal blower range hoods that accommodate my 6" duct size and have baffles instead of mesh filters

  • Zephyr Roma Groove
  • Victory Twister
  • Something similar Zline 697-RS but with 6" duct output and internal blower - it seems likely that they'll have a configuration like this and I'm going to hit up a local dealer to ask about it

Of these, if I can find a similar, the zline mostly wins with the depth of 27". I say mostly because on top of the restrictions listed above, my ceiling only goes to 7'11" and the zline hoods seem to take up minimum 32" with the included chimney cover.

Of the remaining 2, which would you say is a better pick? I'm kind of thinking they are basically the same and I should just pick a style I like. Any others I might have missed in this price range? It pains me that I started out looking for hoods in the $500 range and ended up here lol

I will say that I really like how victory posts their fan curve

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