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This is what it looked like on the one side of the kitchen

21 days ago
last modified: 21 days ago

My sons sister was on Facebook with me and I decorate my house all the time and she loved how I decorated it and when her father passed away, he left her an old torn up trailer for her and her brother to live in and she begged me to come down and remodel it because she didn’t know how to do anything, and I went down there at the grace of my heart and did it for her, and I spent all my money doing it for her the grace of my heart And I can remodel. I do it at my home and everywhere. I know anybody that needs it so I want to start my own little business at doing this and I want to show the before and after pictures of what they’re home look like and how they live and what it look like after I had finished it. I stayed down there for three weeks doing this day and night to redo this kitchen. They didn’t know how to do anything. They are somewhat handicap, but they would not help me hardly at all so take a good look because I didn’t. Excellent job I think.


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