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Is there any reason I can’t put a 42” countertop on a 36” vanity?

21 days ago

Like it says on the tin. 😄 I have a roughly 44” slot where I’m ripping out an old cultured marble built-in monstrosity in favor of a free-standing vanity. 42” vanity pickings are slim, and I am very particular. On the other hand, there are a few 36” vanities I like, but I really hate to lose the counter space. Given that I’m planning on a custom top anyway, and assuming everything is templated correctly to fit the sink etc., is there any reason I couldn’t put on 42”?

Even assuming an inch or two less than 36” for the cabinet itself, we’re still only talking maybe a 4” overhang at each end. I suppose there could be concern about the extra weight that the cabinet would need to support? (OTOH I assume they’re typically engineered with the expectation that at some point a 200-pound man will probably stand on them, which absolutely won’t happen here.)

Thoughts? Thanks!

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