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Thuja green giant with large split on trunk

last month

Hi everyone, a landscaper we hired last year dropped a large branch on one of our green giants last year when pruning and the main trunk bent (practically to the ground), and afterwards they tied it to rope and a large stake/other branches on the tree and said it would heal. I’ve since done more research and am getting another more reputable landscaper to retreat the tree (think they plan on using rubber and wire to not choke the tree). I noticed there is a huge split on the bark where the treee was bent (first picture) which exposes the really smooth wood in the center which seems undamaged. I wanted to check with this group to see if this might be a long term problem? (we’re planning on letting these trees grow big to serve as a hedge along fence- it is currently around 15 ft tall). Would it be ok to continue cable/tie the tree trunk and would the cracked bark heal/regrow with time and should we be cutting off/treating the split bark in any way? Or would it make sense to remove the tree now before it gets to 30/40 feet tall? we live in new york zone 7a area where we could get heavy snow. second picture is what is the tree looks now whole picture. Thanks for any insight!

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