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Self clean ovens - steam clean vs. standard clean

20 days ago

Looking to buy a new range and think I want a self clean oven. I am handicapped and my years of manually cleaning an oven are over. I need something that is easier than spraying on Easy Off to get the job done.

Many of the ranges I am considering include a steam clean option, but from reviews I’ve read, it doesn’t sound like this option is very effective. Can anyone speak to this?

One model (Whirlpool WFE 525 SOJS) offers adjustable self clean which I read as you have a choice to do either standard self clean or steam clean. I assume standard is for big cleaning jobs and steam for smaller jobs.

I will say that I don’t cook in a way anymore that would require heavy duty cleaning, but I do like the option to have self clean if ever needed. Maybe steam clean would make more sense for me?


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